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  3. Friday, 24 May 2019
Hey everyone! Looking for some info. Thinking of using more than one Reface in a live setting, want to be able to recall sounds quickly. Can I connect 2 (or even 3, 4??) Reface to the same iPad for app control? I'd probably run them through a powered USB hub, then send 1 signal to 1 iPad... not sure if the app is set up to handle such a thing? Hoping that I don't need dedicated iOS devices for each Reface.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Hi, i was using Reface CS/CP with Camelot Pro on ipad for Live gig.

Camelot Pro allow to control all your gear, they just need to be connect to a powered usb hub, the hub connected to ipad thru the camera kit adaptator and you have all under control.

For sound selecting, you need for CS/CP/YC to have the sysex message to change Reface's settings, you can entry them on Camelot in ipad and for each song and scene if need you have all your sound sync :


Actualy i always use Camelot Pro on ipad but i have buy Yamaha CP73 use it with a Montage 7; i have sale Reface CP.

Reface Cs now stay at home, i sample sound if i need to have some of them with Sample Robot Pro and add them to Montage, like this i have only two keyboard on stage.

If you want to have all your Reface on stage, buy Camelot Pro for ipad before may end, at 1st june the introduction price is finish and it will be more expensive.

If you want to do some test before to by ipad version (there is no demo version for ipad), you can try the free demo version for Pc/Mac on Camelot Pro website :


I use Camelot Pro on ipad but a can also use it on my laptop computer without any problem, just save a backup file and load it from one device to the other.
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