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  1. Alexander
  2. reface
  3. Sunday, 13 August 2017
Hi all,

I bought a Reface CP second hand which didn't come with the supplied MIDI DIN adapter, so I went ahead and purchased this one …


which I assumed would be the same as the stock Yamaha one but unfortunately it fits but doesn’t work. Can anyone confirm if this particular cable isn't compatible with the reface? and if not where can I get my hands on a proper one?

Many thanks!

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Hi --

I posted some information of interest to DIY'ers at:


Use this information at your own risk. That goes for anything on my site!

Although I’ve assembled many boards and kits, I make horrible cables. I much prefer to use commercial MIDI adapters and cables. Life is too short to debug and repair shoddy, unreliable cables. Plug and play solutions are the most flexible; you never know when you’ll need a different configuration of female sockets and male plugs. Adapters like the Yamaha Reface adapter are the most flexible, reliable solution although they are product specific.

The Yamaha part number for the Reface MIDI adapter cable (MD6P-DIN) is ZP893500. If you are a USA customer, you can order the cable on-line from Yamaha 24×7. Last I checked, the cable is also available from the on-line retailer Full Compass. I’ve ordered from both Full Compass and Yamaha 24×7 in the past and they both get a thumbs up.

-- pj
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After searching, I found a pin-out for the Beat Buddy. I compared the Beat Buddy pin-out against the Reface service manual. If the found pin-out is correct, the Beat Buddy cable is not compatible with the Reface, as you unfortunately discovered by trying the Beat Buddy cable.

Sorry, I can empathize -- pj
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