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  4. Friday, 28 July 2017

I found this link


which leads to my question:
Is the Reface MIDI cable the same as the MIDI cable that is used for the Tenori-On, and also the old SW1000XG used it?

If so the info from that blog is good DIY info if a replacement MIDI cable for the Reface is hard to find.
Or to construct a Reface-to-Reface direct minimidi-to-minimidi cable, or a mini-midi to male-MIDI-IN + male-MIDI-OUT cable.
All these options don't exist yet but could be interesting.
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Yes, on Februari 1 somebody posted in a Facebook Reface group that he made it using that page, shared pics too, he did say it was very fiddly and he didn't know if he'd do it again. But it worked.
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