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  1. Chris
  2. reface
  3. Saturday, 06 June 2020
Hi All! When I play my Reface CS using the built in speakers everything sounds great, but I'm having trouble with the headphone input and am not sure whether what I'm experiencing is normal:

With headphones:
- the sound is significantly quieter when not using Chorus or Phaser
- some sounds are very quiet even when on full volume (e.g. when the A, S, and R are down and only the D is up)
- in many setting positions across all of the OSC types there is often a crackling whenever I play chords.

I would think that the crackling could be me maxing something out, but it happens with so many settings it seems excessive (e.g. with no OSC LFO or effects on in some cases)..

Also when using the built in speakers the sound is consistently loud regardless of the settings; the Chorus and Phaser don't affect the volume significantly, and there is no crackling sound regardless of what settings I use....

Is this normal?

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Bad Mister
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Is this normal?
No way to really tell. The reason being that even the slightest movement of certain parameters will greatly impact the output of an analog synth sound. For example, the Filter can gut a sound easily if the Cutoff Frequency slider is impacting the octave range you are playing. The difference in output level from octave to octave can be profound.

Perhaps you can post the sound to Soundmondo or attach a QR Capture of your particular sound. This way we can all load it and hear what you’re hearing, or not. At least we can get a consensus about how your particular patch works in other refaceCS.
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