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  3. Monday, 10 April 2017

I've owned and gigged the S90 and then the S90XS for years, just recently plunged into the Montage. Wow. Super Synth. Probably displace all of my outboard sounds for gigging. An issues I could use some help with.

1. On the S90XS, I was using a performance called Cloudy Morning. Within this performance, one of the Drum Voices was the PowerStandard Kit 1. This voice was being run by an arp called FB 16bt Ballad 1. This arp setup was triggering ONLY the windchime from the Kit. I am recreating this performance on the Montage, and I have found the various voices and arps that were associated with the Performance. However, I cannot figure out how to make just that windchime sound with the arp. I'm guessing it has something to do with setting various ranges, but when I trigger the arp for that drum voice, it seems to change the octaves associated with the various drum sounds. On the Montage, in the PowerStandardKit 1, the wind chime I am looking for is either the C# below middle C, or the C two octaves above middle C. Can you point me in the right direction to make just the wind chime sound with this arp?

Thank you!
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I think what you're describing is that you modified the powerkit standard 1 in your S90 to remap Wind chime 1 to C#2 so it plays instead of the end of the phrase "crash" sound that the ARP normally does.

1) Click (touch) on the PART from the home screen (Should say "Part 1 Edit Common" at the top - assuming you're starting from the preset PowerStandard Kit 1)
2) Make sure bottom left-hand corner has "Common" pressed
3) Edit note limit to C#2 through C#2 if all you want is the ARP to play the wind chime and no snare/kick - or leave it alone if you want the rest of the sounds to play
4) Click "Drum Key" on the bottom right
5) Make sure "Keyboard Select" - a couple boxes up from "Drum Key" is highlighted green.
6) Press the C5 key (two octaves above middle C) and notice how the "Name" field (upper right) says "Wind chime 1" - this just confirms that key has the "Wind chime 1" sound and informs you of the name for the next step.
7) Press the C#2 key (one octave below middle C) - notice it says "Crash 2 St" in the name field. We want to change this to "Wind chime 1", so touch the name field
8) On the left-hand side, a menu shows "Search" or "Number" - choose "Search"
9) In the upper-right is a box with a magnifying glass icon - touch this area and type in "Wind chime 1" or just "Wind" because it's easier
10) Touch the right return result "Wind Chime 1" and press the [ENTER] button on the keyboard
You're returned to the screen which now shows C#2 has "Wind Chime 1" mapped to the key.
11) Turn on ARP (press the [ARP ON/OFF] button)

Assuming you've already changed the ARP to "FB_16Bt_Ballad1" - you should now hear the chimes at the end of the phrase.

Not sure if that's exactly what you're after but the best I could put together with the information provided.
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Jason, thank you. Not sure what I was doing differently, but that got me to where I was trying to go!! Much appreciated :)
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I don't think you were remembering to change the drum key C#2 (within what was previously called a "Voice";) to match your configuration you did ages ago to get this to work on the S90.
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