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  1. Geoffrey
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Thursday, 29 March 2018
Greetings All.

I have never used or bought a sustain pedal. Looking for inexpensive, but reasonable suggestions.

Saw M-Audio pedal, and a Yamaha with Half-Pedaling. No idea what that means...

Thanks for suggestions and education!
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Here's a video to help learn about half-pedal.


What's going on is that sustain will get values between 0 and 127 (and all between) instead of an "on and off" type sustain which gives you either just 0 or just 127.

Here's a thread covering your Yamaha sustain options:


It is best to stick with the OEM brand pedal - the premium is not high in this category. If using a simple "on off" switch - you need to be sure the polarity matches what Yamaha expects or has a switch to toggle the polarity to support "all" keyboards. The sustain pedal will generally list compatibility by manufacturer (Yamaha, Roland, etc).

The M-Audio SP-2 is an example of an "on/off" type switch that has a toggle switch on the bottom to set the polarity. It does not support "half-pedal". I would shy away from 3rd party pedals if half-pedal is what you're after since the resistance range has to match which is not as universal as an on/off switch with only one consideration (polarity meaning normally off or normally on when your foot is not pressing the pedal).
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Bad Mister
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Welcome to Yamaha Synth.
Remember, It’s your music. The recommended pedals are shown in the Owner’s Manual on Pages 11-12.
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Thanks Jason and Bad Mister.

You guys are truly blessings to others!

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