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  3. Saturday, 10 March 2018

I've programmed FC1 to control a number of strings parts within a sound. I'd like the sound, when loaded from live set, to only have 25% volume on those parts. However, every time I save the sound like that and recall it the volume for those parts I'm controlling with FC1 seem to be at 100%. This is annoying as I'm performing live and would like to be able to switch between sounds easier.

I currently use FC1 for part volume or overall sound volume adjustments with FC2 on the super knob or controlling a specific effect. I don't seem to have this problem with FC2, not sure if that's because of the job it's doing or because of the different set ups of the 2 foot controller inputs.

Is there a solution to this?

Thank You
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For preset performances, the FC1 and FC2 inputs on Montage are assigned different default settings which are consistent for every performance.


You can alter this with your own (user) performances.

When you use FC2 - are you still using FC2 to control superknob and assign superknob to volume? If this is the case, then you can also save a superknob default which will put the volume at a non "100%" setting.

When using FC1 as expression and moving from performance to performance - you are dealing with the reset state of the controllers - namely expression.

Under [UTILITY] -> "Midi I/O" there is a setting "Controller Reset" which can be Hold or Reset. The default for this setting is "Reset". Reset does the following (when a Performance is recalled):

Pitch Bend - Set to Center
Mod Wheel - Set to Minimum
Aftertouch - Set to Minimum
Foot Controller - Set to Maximum
Footswitch - Set to Off
Ribbon Controller - Set to Center
Breath Controller - Set to Maximum
Expression - Set to Maximum ***
Assignable Switches 1 & 2 - Set to Off
Motion Sequence Hold - Set to Off
Each Lane of Motion Sequencer - Set to 0 if MS polarity is "unipolar" or set to 64 if MS polarity is "bipolar"

If this setting is "Hold" - then the controllers will not be reset as above going from Performance to Performance.

I do believe there are ways - such as saving the superknob position to a default scene - to override these reset conditions even if the "Controller Reset" is set to "Reset" (and not Hold).

Also - previously I would deal with controller reset conditions by moving the controller back and forth to "catch" the current position and enable direct control using the controller after a performance change. This is harder to do if you need a specific "middle" value. I do not do this anymore because generally the defaults can be programmed now without having to worry about controllers resetting to unwanted values. There are some corner cases I wish there were more options on reset behavior.

It's important to stress that what you are experiencing is not an error - it is intended functionality given the programming your Performance(s) has(have) along with the system settings.
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Ok - I think I get it.
I can appreciate that if I set up AssignKnob8 to do this then that wouldn't reset but as I'm using a controller (requiring better flexibility) then I'll need to do stuff more 'live' on the night style.

I've changed the midi setting to be 'Hold' and that'll help alot.

Thank You
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