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  1. Ricardo
  2. MX Series Synthesizers
  3. Saturday, 07 March 2020
Can we get some assistance here. I am also having issues with updating the firmware of my Yamaha mx49 2016. I follow the instructions but when I go to load the file on the Yamaha it says file not found. What am I doing wrong?
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Bad Mister
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Make sure your MX can Save and Load a File to your USB stick.
Try making an ALL file and re-load it... this will determine if your MX can write to and read from your USB stick.

If successful make sure you place the Updater File unzipped in the root directory of that USB Stick.
Then power down.
Hold [PLAY] and PowerOn.

A “File not found” error message means the updater file is not seen by your MX... usually this because you didn’t unzip the file properly to the root directory of the USB drive, or your MX cannot read your USB stick, at all. Or your MX does not require an update... what version is your MX49?

Press [JOB]
Cursor down to Version Number
What does it say?

By the way you do not LOAD an updater File... just FYI. You must power down, and power up while holding the PLAY button.
Let us know.
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