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  4. Monday, 05 September 2016
I do a particular "chill music" live gig every week where the entire list of songs are sequenced in pattern mode on my MotifXF. The songs are made of of 3-5 patterns that are 4 or 8 bars in length, and the arrangement is then created on the fly by muting and un-muting tracks, and moving to different patterns when it feels right.

I'm thinking about adding Cubase, on a laptop, as a MIDI slave. (mostly for fun, and for extra VST sounds).

As you can tell from the scenario, at a maximum, I have sequenced only 32 bars of music, or so, per song. Ideally, I would create a Cubase song that would be of equal length, with the bars corresponding to the pattern lengths, sizes of the patterns on the XF.

Will Cubase follow the patterns? In other words, If I played pattern A (four bars) and looped it, will Cubase also loop bars 1-4 . . . and then, if I jump to pattern B, 8 bars in length, and loop, will Cubase also loop bars 5-12 of the Cubase song? ( I hope I've explained this clearly).

Another possibility - - I would create ONE Cubase song only, with many tracks, and I could mute/unmute tracks as needed on a per song basis. Would this work?

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If I understood your question properly, you're saying if MOTIF can send extra information about the patterns it's playing to Cubase so that it can match it with the midi tracks and loop it there.

I don't know of any way to link the MIDI tracks created in Cubase and MOTIF XF (unless there is a hidden trick that probably only Phil knows!). But as you may know you can sync the sequencer in Cubase with MOTIF so that way you shouldn't have any problems if you create the whole part you want to play in Cubase.

This might make things easier for you if you already don't know about it:
In Cubase there is a special feature that you can duplicate (a shallow copy) a midi track rather than deep copying it (I don't remember the correct terms). This way if you change something in the MIDI track, you only do it to the first instance and all the other copies will change automatically.
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Thanks for the reply. Since posting, I've learned that Cubase does not include the ability to be a MIDI slave, and that makes the rest of the question irrelevant.
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You must be more familiar with how to program MIDI Peter. I was checking the DataList manual and, may be there is a way for MOTIF XF to send the PATTERN change/status as MIDI commands??? I hope Phil sees this post at one point and helps you.
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I certainly appreciate you're chiming in . . MR. "A" . . LOL :-)

The fact is, this matter isn't worth pursuing because, as I said, Cubase does not include the ability to be a MIDI slave.
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