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  4. Monday, 19 March 2018
Couple questions:

1. Lets say I want to layer a piano and a sax but I want to play a melody on the sax and chords on the piano using just the one keyboard. I would like to have the sax set up one octave lower so I could use upper keys on the keyboard and the piano, one octave higher so I could use the lower keys but access the same range of the keyboard. Is there a way to do this?

2. I had a performance set up with piano, something and bass. everything working fine. I added a drum kit for fourth voice and I tried to change the arpeggio for the drums to see what they sounded like. It appeared to turn on the arpeggio for the bass also. I could not stop the arpeggio for the bass, which I did not want, without killing the drums also. (The master button was off....not sure if this is pertinent.) Is there a way to control the arpeggio for just a single voice not the whole performance?
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Bad Mister
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1) You are describing a SPLIT - when sounds occupy different regions of the keyboard. LAYER - when the sounds cover all keys

2) You can assign an Arp to any one Part, to two Parts, to three Parts, to all four Parts, or to no Parts, you decide which Part to assign them.

We highly recommend the Quick Start portion of the Manual for this because it can do a better job with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Creating a SPLIT using the “Performance Creator” is easy. Then you just need to learn how to NOTE SHIFT each Part up or down to suit your needs.
Call up the Voice you want to place in your right hand... do this while in VOICE mode
Press the [SPLIT] button... in the “Performance Creator” area of the front panel

This puts you in Performance Mode places your first sound in Part 1, selects Part 2...
You are taken to Category Search where you can select your left hand Voice... for Part 2.
You can also set the Split Point. The note you set will be the lowest note of the right hand sound.

Now you have created a Split. Press [EXIT] to return to the main screen. NEW PERFORMANCE is the default name...
You can now drop into EDIT and NOTE SHIFT the Parts as you desire
Press [EDIT]
Press [1] to view Part 1 (your right hand sound)
Press [F4] TONE
Press [SF1] TUNE
Note Shift allows you to change the tuning by semitones. 12 semitones = an octave

Edit as you require, name and store the Performance.

Each PART has a Part Arp On/Off Switch
This separate from the Main Arp On/Off Switch.

When in a Performance, on the right hand front panel find the [PERFORMANCE CONTROL] button
Look at the front panel ... 16 buttons in four sets of four
5-8 are ARP ON/OFF
9-12 are PART MUTE
13-16 are ARP HOLD ON/OFF
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