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  1. Marius
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Sunday, 24 December 2017
Hello, i read all the 'library and user' topics and kind of understood how to create a new library from one or more installed libraries, which is importing the selected performances into the user bank. Recently i ran out of sample memory and decided to clean up some libraries, because more than half of them i don't use ( i know that multiple performances can use the same waveforms and for ex. in the case of the Bosendorfer it doesn't matter if i import one or all the performances, the used space would be the same, but many of them don't share the same waveforms and it's there where i want to start). And here comes the hard work...for ex. Montage Expanded has 256 performances and i want to batch import only 150, the problem is that i can't remember all 150 when going through the "import to user" function in Utility, the easiest way i found is first i would have to audition them in the Performance category search, then write down the ones i want to import, then go to Utility and do that. It's pretty hard to do that with one library, but i have multiple libraries which i'd like to strip down and use only what i need.

I don't know if it would be possible in the future updates but i thought of some possibilities if software permits it:
-import to user - via the category search panel by multiple select
- batch highlight the ones i want to import in the category search(similar to the Favorite function) and when going into the utility import to user to be possible to see the highlighted ones.
-the import to user panel in the utility could have a 4/4 format instead of 3/4, just like the category search panel(for example if i sort alphabetically/ by name, the performances will be arranged the same way).
-sort by instrument/subcategory in the library import panel

It would be ideal that a JOB button to be placed in the category search panel to be able to batch select for delete, import to user.

And the most important thing (sorry for the rant, but it has been said many times ), as much as this thing costs, why in the world doesn't Yamaha realease a free software to be able to manage libraries, waveforms, samples, etc.? Instead of the Cubase AI they could have made our lives easier by providing such a software. Why shoud we pay extra for something that can be done on the keyboard itself, but with a lot of wasted time and nerves? No offense for John Melas and others who charge money for their software, i imagine it's a lot of hard work, but i think i'm not the only one who faces this kind of situations.

Thanks, Happy Holidays.

As i go along trying to strip down some librares, i see some duplicates ( for ex the Full Concert Grand ). Now, this isn't such a big deal, but which is which? I have to fav one of them then go through the banks to see. I see there is some space left on each performance(as indicated in the screenshot, left of the AWM2, FM-X, MC, SSS indicator) in which they could put an indicator to tell us at least if it is a preset, user or library performance. With the expense of that space seeming too crowded, i'd like to see that, and if the user opts to not see those indicators, an option could be added in the Utility settings. I really hope someone at Yamaha reads all of these and comes up with some ideas. Sorry again for the writing style, but i got a little upset about simple things made complicated.
My motivation is the hope that someone will take notice and help us enjoy this keyboard as we should, meaning...playing the thing. Cheers.
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I also agree with this remark. In the same way that we can place a yellow star on a favorite performance, we could at least be able to place a trash icon on the performance that we do not want to import later during an assembly in user. This mark should appear in the list during an import in data utility of course.
It's because Montage is a marvelous instrument that one would like it to approach perfection.
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||: +1 :||
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Hello - agreed again! I run into this problem all the time. Maybe another way would be to be able to convert 'Favourites' into a Library, on the grounds that they wouldn't be favourites if you didn't want to keep them.
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Yes Rod, that would be a good alternative too.
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