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  1. Csaba
  2. MOXF
  3. Wednesday, 10 January 2018
Please if anyone can help....I am a very happy new owner of a MOXF6 and my question is regarding the performances....
I would like to reproduce some performances of the MX series which I really love on the moxf, I found the "components" in the data list of the MX and I managed to layer the appropriate sounds but I don't know how to reproduce "track 10" which is supposed to be drumkit/drum pattern.

Thank you in advance for the help.

best regards,
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Bad Mister
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Use one Part of your MOXF Performance for a drum kit and assign Arpeggio to it.
Press the [DRUM ASSIGN] button and select a DrumKit.

See page 33 of your Owner’s Manual for how to Assign a Drum Part and changing the Arpeggio Type.
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Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate the advise.
best regards
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