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  4. Wednesday, 15 March 2017
I have the MOXF8 and the keys are making a strong mechanical noise when I play.
I mean, if I turn off the volume and just playing the keys there mechanical noise that is very annoying.
I went to the store and they put new keys for me and after a few days it started again.
I'm starting to think that the MOXF8 keys are not high quality.
Can you please tell me what can I do about it and if it's a known problem with the MOXF8?

Thank you!
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Bad Mister
Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
All mechanical mechanisms make noise, whether it is unusual is for you and an authorized service center to decide. It is unusual however, that the keys make any noticeable noise. It is likely not the keys themselves but perhaps the felt that prevents keys from clicking when released has shifted. You should work with your local dealer, have them contact Yamaha on your behalf.

Both the dealer and Yamaha want you to be happy with your purchase
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