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  1. Brian
  3. Monday, 13 March 2017
I am trying to set up my automated system to be as follows: An IBM type laptop connected to the Motif-Rack XS (MRXS) via their USB ports set on port 1 and my Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI) connected from its midi out to the MRXS’s midi in port, again on port 1.
How I want my procedure to go is: I open my music pdf using a batch file that also sends midi patch changes to the MRXS to the proper patch for the song called, while the MRXS is set on USB. After some research, I have been able to develop the batch file midi commands to do this and to also change the MRXS SYSEXC switch 4 to MIDI since the EWI will not play while the MRXS is set to USB. However, I need to change the SYSEXC switch 4 back to USB from MIDI so that I can call the next song in the same way.
When the MRXS is set to midi (which is where it is in the last step I have been able to accomplish) it will not accept USB commands from my computer. In your last reply to me you recommended opening a DAW and selecting a midi track, setting its midi in to Yamaha Motif-R XS-3 (port 3) and the tracks midi out to MRXS-1 (port 1). I am not sure I understand the signal flow from your description. Here is my attempt to understand this signal flow: EWImidiOutPort1-> MRXSmidiInPort1-> (split or redirected here?) MRXSusbOutPort3-> Computer/DAWusbInPort3-> (somehow combine in patch changes and open pdf file)-> Computer/DAWusbIOutPort1-> MRXSmidiInPort1 (again?, endless loop?)
Am I to understand from this that I can communicate with the MRXS simultaneously on port 1 and port 3? If so, can I send midi SYSEXC switch 4 commands on port 3 and midi note commands on port 1 simultaneously? I have queried the MRXS from my computer and found 4 instances of “Yamaha Motif-R XS-1” (port 1) available. I wasn’t sure how that could be, but I thought at the time that all I needed was one. I tried sending a midi command from a batch file to port 3 but got no response. How can I open port 3?

Mostly these are the questions I would like answered:
1) Is it possible to send commands on the MRXS midi in to change the SYSEXC switch 4 back to USB?
2) Is there some other automated way to set this switch 4 back to USB (besides manually)(some kind of reset for switch 4 that would set it at USB, use some other port)?
3) Can I send midi commands simultaneously to the MRXS on port 3 and port 1 to do what I have asked above?
4) Is there a way to have both the USB and midi in jacks on MRXS be activated simultaneously (and also, I am not sure what MLAN is and if this will help me)?
Brian (EWIman)
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