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  4. Monday, 26 November 2018
Hi everyone, I am for the first time organizing my libraries with John Melas editor. So now I know what exactly is in the 8 libraries and I notice that the order of those libraries is completely random on the montage category search screen. Why are they not listed in the order of their location from 1 to 8 but at random?

Other than that, I need to know what happens when I merge some libraries and delete some. If I merge library 2 and 4 and delete 4, will the ones after 4 still stay in their locations 5, 6, 7 and 8 or move up? Because I am using some waveforms (which I did not import into user) from montage expanded, which happens to be library 7 (as I now know) and I really don´t want those waveforms to vanish from my performances just because I merged a couple of half empty libraries. So before I do this, please let me know if this will cause any such trouble.

thank you
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If you want to know, absolutely, which Library slot a Performance is occupying, look at the Performance Properties:


1) Select the Performance

2) Press the Performance [Home] button

3) Press the [Enter] button

4) In the display, tap 'Property'

I'm not sure if this gives you the library number - but you could use LSB to determine. The LSB will be a value from 40 to 79.

40-44 = Library Slot 1
45-49 = Library Slot 2
50-54 = Library Slot 3
55-59 = Library Slot 4
60-64 = Library Slot 5
65-69 = Library Slot 6
70-74 = Library Slot 7
75-79 = Library Slot 8
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ok, thanks, but do libraries move location when others are deleted, like harddrives change letters?
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I don't know with absolute certainty, but I gave you the tools to find out on your own.

1) Create a backup X7A file so you can restore everything back to where you started
2) Use the instructions to map out all libraries so you know which library name is associated with which slot number
3) Delete some "middle" library. Make sure you pick one that has a library before and after the library you delete so you can be confident in the results.
4) After deletion, inspect the libraries that still exist and confirm if the LSB is still the same as before - or has changed.

The theory is that libraries are not moved when you delete them. This would have added code, time, and effort. Things that are not common in the filesystem design. I'm not saying this as a dig - just that the file system is designed in a way to be efficient for the hardware and sometimes places extra burden on the user because the implementation doesn't abstract operations.

In order to reorder the libraries, Montage would have to:

1) Delete the library you requested by writing all "1"s to the memory in an "erase" operation (or some equiv.)
2) Do a byte-by-byte copy of some other library slot to the erased library slot
3) Delete the library that was moved in operation 2 (the old spot before the copy)
4) Possibly repeat this if "squishing" many libraries into the deleted "hole".

That's a lot of extra coding and work and time for Montage to go through. And it ruins pointers OR places a huge burden on the firmware to update all the pointers. It's just unnecessarily complex to implement that way. I'm not certain since I haven't done the checking I'm advising you to do -- but I would be surprised if libraries were shuffled around.

Shuffling, I assume, is a task left to the user.
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