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  4. Saturday, 14 January 2017
I sent this message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., but got no response:

"I cannot seem to activate my YC-3B software, nor fully install Prologue.
I recently purchased MoXF8, and have successfully installed Cubase AI & MoXF Editor.
I activated those through the e-license several months ago.

I installed the YC-3B software, but I got no prompt to activate it. When I try to open it in Cubase, I get a message it is not activated. I don't even know where it was installed on my PC (windows 7)

Prologue will not install, I get a dialogue that says Cubase AI 5 is not present. The version that I downloaded was AI-8 Elements. Will Prologue work with this?"
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Bad Mister
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If you have Cubase AI8 then Prologue is already installed when you install Cubase. you will still need the Activation Code that came on the yellow piece of paper that was included with your Owner's Manual and the Cubase Access Code (white paper).

You don't mention where in the world your are so we cannot direct you to a specific Customer Support desk. But do you still have your Yellow paper with the YC-3B and Prologue Activation Codes (you need this to authorize the programs on your computer).
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I'm in the U.S. and I have the yellow paper with the activation codes.
I look in Cubase's VST Instruments, but there is no Prologue. YC-3B is there, but I've never gotten a dialogue to input the activation code.
Bad Mister
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Here are the instructions for installation: (You've already installed the eLicenser referred to, so simply launch the "eLicenser Control Center" application...

To activate Steinberg Prologue and Yamaha Organ Emulator YC-3B, E-Licensor is required. Click here:

1) Install and launch E-Licensor after soft synths have been successfully installed.
2) Select “Enter Activation Code”, enter the activation code supplied with the product and select "Continue".

NOTE: The name of the soft synth for the activation code supplied will appear in the box.

3) Select “Download License” to activate the soft synth selected.

If you have having problems locating the Prologue, please drop a note to Steinberg via the MySteinberg Account you created to install Cubase AI. They have a record of your installation and will be able to help you with all things Cubase related - for example, if you move to a new computer, or change OS's and need to activate your license on a different machine, etc. While the Yamaha YC-3B installation remains as it always was (a download)... The Steinberg Prologue application may appear only after you have installed the Activation Code. I know that it used to be supplied by a separate download (back in early Motif ES days when AI5 was out, thus that cryptic message still lingers), and I believe they have completely changed how they deliver Prologue. I believe it is included in the basic install of Cubase AI8 and you just need to properly activate it to unlock it (so to speak).

Sorry for the confusion... We will attempt to get updated instructions _ but sometimes the routines change as we move forward... it's a never ending process. If computers are involved you are standing on ever shifting ground!

Please let us know (we want you to enjoy these programs). Hopefully, worth the effort.
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Thanks Bad! That worked and I've gotten some DAW Remote control of both VSTs.
Next on to trying to record MIDI & Audio. Lot of Cubase basic setups I need to figure out too.
Chat again soon!
Bad Mister
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Glad you go that solved..... See the Guides here on Yamaha Synth...
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