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  1. Sandrine
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  3. Saturday, 27 January 2018
Hi there,

I have an iPad and a DGX-660.
I've bought a wifi adapter UD-WL01. It looks like everything is confirmed as compatible.
However, the system functions only on a random (and seldom) basis.
Sometimes I can play 5 or 6 songs in a raw without any problem. But most of the time I receive an error message concerning the playback every second or few seconds.
I had the impression it was coming from my wifi setup (frequent errors + DGX-660 alternating with no connection in the status of the iPad).
So I went to the administration of my router. And... I see my laptop, iPad and DGX with a connected status. If I make a ping to the DGX I get from time to time 100% success but more often 70% success.
Is it the cause of the problem? If yes, what would be the work around to have the app operates 100% of the time, it is so frustrating to hear the first two bars and then undergo silence followed by an error message!
Thnks in advance for your help!
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Bad Mister
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Just FYI, while the DGX660 is technically speaking, NOT a synthesizer (in fact, it’s from an entirely different Division of the company) it is a Yamaha product, therefore I will try to help you. Please give me time as it is NAMM week... (big trade show)... I’ll find out and report back.
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I’m am experiencing the same exact issues with Chord Track with the DGX-660 and the WiFi adapter. Previously I am able to play songs through the app to the keyboard speakers. I’ve tried different songs and now I’ve been getting the errors described above. Any suggestions would be great.
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Hello everyone:

As much as we'd like to it's difficult in this forum to address a question from a different product category. YamahaSynth.com specifically covers the following products:

CP88-CP73 Stage Pianos
S70/ 90XS

For support on other products please consult Yamaha Product Support:

US Technical Support and Service Questions
EU Technical Support and Service Questions

On these pages you'll find different ways to connect with Yamaha Product support (phone, email, chat, social, etc.).
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