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  4. Saturday, 21 November 2020
Hello to all,

I know that two members here in the forum are using Reaper with the Montage/MoDX.

I have the following problem:

I want to record MIDI from the Montage into Reaper. I set all the stuff in Reaper up but whenn I play on the Montage I can play only one or two keys not more.

What kind of Setting I need to give the Montage and Reaper the right workflow?

If it is possible can someone tell me step to step how to setup this. It would be welcome.

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Bad Mister
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Connect your MONTAGE to your computer using a USB cable
Download and install the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver” for your computer type
Set the MONTAGE to MIDI I/O = USB — You do so by pressing [UTILITY] > “Settings” > “MIDI I/O” > Set the MIDI I/O = USB (green)
Set Local Control = Off (this disconnects the MONTAGE Keyboard from the MONTAGE Tone Generator). In order to hear sound you will need to complete the routing thru an active MIDI Track in your DAW software, using MONTAGE-1 (Port 1) as the MIDI In and the MIDI Out. By “active” we mean a MIDI Track that is selected and is in Record Ready status — it will receive MIDI messages from the MONTAGE, and echo them back to the MONTAGE Tone Generator.

From the HOME screen
Set “Bank/Favorite” to All
Set “Attribute” = All
Select “Init” > “Multi/GM”

Return to the HOME screen.
Tap “FX” in the top-middle of the screen
Set KBD CTRL LOCK = ON — this will fix it so that you can play one Part at a time, by simply selecting it.
The KBD CTRL icon remains locked to Part 1 (usually reserved for your lead sound but can be any sound) When you *select* a MONTAGE Part it becomes immediately active to transmit Out via MIDI. Part 1 on channel 1, Part 2 on channel 2 and so on.
Press [EXIT] to return HOME

You can begin recording using Part 1
The Init Multi places a “Concert Grand Piano” in each Part (except 10)
Set the “Bank/Favorites” = All
Set the “Attributes” = Single — this will allow you to search for a *replacement* Part for Part 1

These are the basic steps to setup to do traditional 16 Part MIDI sequencing.
Sorry, I know nothing about your particular DAW.
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Hello Bad Mister,

thanks for that answer. But this things are all set right.

The thing is that I use Logic with the Mac all is working fine without any changes. In Reaper with my Windows PC it doesn't work. And for me as a blind user it is better to use PC thing. Because the JM-Tools only are working fine with PC. He put there the accessibilty for blind users working. That was a lot of work he invested for us to make this big Editors workable for us.

And that is the thing. I want to use only one machine to work with programing Performances and sequence my songs.

And the USB cable will not be better if I change it a lot from one port to another. And for the ports it will be better too.

Thanks again for Your reply.

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Bad Mister
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Sorry, I know nothing about your particular DAW. Contact the manufacturer:

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In Reaper's MIDI Devices settings (Options -> Preferences... -> Audio -> MIDI Devices), make sure that MONTAGE-1 is enabled in both the MIDI inputs list and the MIDI outputs list.

Create a track if you haven't, then arm the track for recording. On the input selector (or via right clicking the record arm icon), select Input: MIDI -> MONTAGE 1 -> All Channels.

In the mixer for the track, click the Route button to open the track routing. Under "- MIDI Hardware Output -", change it from "<no output>" to "MONTAGE-1".

If the record monitoring is on for the track (like it is by default), and local control is turned off on the MONTAGE, you should be able to play on the MONTAGE and still hear the output now.

You can now press the record button and record your MIDI, and once you're done recording you can play it back to have the MIDI sent back to the MONTAGE.

Note: to avoid having to set MIDI output on each track you make, you can create a track folder and set the output on the parent; all child tracks will by default route the MIDI to the parent for output.
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