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  4. Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Yamaha deserves a shout-out for these forums, in particular for paying some of Bad Mister's time towards answering questions here! I've owned a MOXF for slightly over a year and as many know, if you're not familiar with Yamaha it's a challenging learning curve. The manuals aren't particularly well-written, and they're huge! I'd have chucked the whole thing were it not for these forums and Bad Mister.

Now that I've recorded some songs, I really like the whole system. The ability to record, edit, and playback MIDI in the workstation without the computer/DAW is great. And the interface with CUBASE works great, as does the MOXF editor. The latter gives a fast visualization of the state of a voice, and is a great learning tool towards doing all the voice editing right on workstation. All put together very well.

There is some functionality I miss from analog synths, and menu diving to construct voices is slow --- but the systems works well enough with an external analog module to alleviate this. The amount of control available for constructing voices is phenomenal, and leaves one feeling that an analog synth with only two envelope generators and one LFO is severely constrained. (It escapes me why so few analog synths have a dedicated envelop for noise amplitude, to sculpt noise during attacks separate from the envelope for the rest of the sound. There are ways to make do, but not optimal)

Cheers and enjoy your MOXF!

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