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  4. Saturday, 12 December 2020
can I use my old moxf6 power supply for the modx7 (to avoid to unplug it when I go gigging around).
They seem to have the same output (12V 1,5A) but before burning anything I'd like to ask it here.
Please see the picture attached.
Thank you
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You can do that. The only thing I see is that the 150A shows 230V on input and the 150B shows a range between 100-240V. So the 150B can be plugged into outlets in different countries with low and high AC voltage where the 150A doesn't appear to have the same flexibility.

On the output side - your MODX side - it's all thumbs up to use either. It's the wall that one or the other may not be compatible.

Nothing is going to blow here.
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