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  3. Tuesday, 30 June 2020
I installed my PLG 150 AP on my ES8 many years ago. Since I just got a Montage 8 a few months ago, I am going to share it with my dearest friend who also has a ES 8. We were installing it a couple days ago and I could not remember all the steps. We are stuck at seeing and using all the patches. We would love your help on completing installation. Thank you
Doug Morris
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Bad Mister
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The question is not clear. Installation is handled with the power off and the instrument disconnected from power.
Requires a screwdriver, and connecting the color-coded, multi-pin connector, carefully, to your Board.
Orange slot 1
Yellow slot 2
Green slot 3

PLG150 series boards can occupy any slot.
PLG100-XG must occupy slot 3
PLG100-VH must occupy slot 1

When you close the back panel and power On, the ES will scan for PLG150 series Boards, assuming you have an updated Motif ES, it will lookup and find (or not) the Motif ES Plug-in Board Presets for the AP Board.

If in Voice mode a PLG button will report it has a successfully installed PLG Board as one of the three possible slots will light.
While in Voice mode you play the sounds provided by, and for, the PLG150-AP

PLG150-AP Owner’s Manual pdf

Extra Credit - the PLG150 boards were compatible with a wide variety of products... when reading the manual ...
The Motif ES is a part of the “Modular Synthesis Plug-in System”
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