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  4. Thursday, 14 January 2021
Hi There,

I am interested in people's thoughts/experience in playing arped performances along with a live drummer and band.

Is it possible without the drummer being hooked up to a synced click track?

I even seem to have trouble playing along with the in-built drum patterns - typically I will want to play only part of the arp before heading to the next note(key).

I am not sure what the Sync Quantize , Sync Off or Change Timing controls do or if they would help with this.

Bad Mister has told me previously that it is reliant on the player being accurate in hitting the first (trigger note) of the arp which I accept but playing the same pattern live (not as an arp) seems to be more forgiving (people don't play like metronomes.) Sorry - don't know if this makes sense?

I am mainly interested in using the bass arps at this stage.

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Hi Dave,
I have never tried it with the MODX, but typically if you are playing arps with a live band, I would suggest to create a performance that has one part as a metronome. Maybe pan it completely left or right and have the mix engineer direct the metronome part only to the band's headphones or monitors (and not the audience facing speakers). For the trouble you see in syncing aprs and on-board drum tracks on the MODX - I think you can set the arp chage timing to "Measure" instead of "Real time" to see if that works.
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