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  4. Saturday, 15 December 2018
After updating the firmware to 2.5, the keyboard is playing every performance one semi-tone too low. It's as if I had transposed the keyboard "-1semi". A "C" is now a "B". I tested it with an outside tuner (see attached photo)

Here is what I have done to try and fix this.

1. Tried multi performances and they all share the common problem. Even checked one to make sure that the Pitch for a Part was 0.
2. Checked to make sure that the keyboard was not transposed. (it shows "+0semi";)
-Note, the Transpose feature does work, it is just 1 semi-tone out of sync.
3. Checked the pitch wheel to make sure it wasn't moved or stuck.
4. Re-install the firmware. --However, it looks like it wouldn't install, but just verified that 2.5 was already updated.

Thanks for your help,
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Bad Mister
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What you didn’t check (and in all likelihood, is the issue) is the Tuning.

Touch “Settings” > “Sound” > under “Tone Generator” settings, make sure of the “Tune” setting...
+0.0 = 440Hz

Hope that helps.
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That fixed it, thank you!
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