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  1. lucius
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  3. Tuesday, 05 July 2016
I don't see the Phrase Looper in the Reface series get a lot of love, and I think that's a shame. It's a really interesting feature and I find incredibly useful. It has very nearly replaced a loop pedal in my setup. There are just a couple of features (that may be impossible to implement) but I wanted to throw them in here anyway, I hope this hasn't been covered a million times:

Looper Control from MIDI CC and/or Pedal Input
I would be absolutely thrilled if the Looper controls (Start / Stop / Pause / Rec) could be controlled via MIDI CC or even Sysex. For me, I would really like to control this feature with a pedal - and could hack together something that would turn pedal inputs into Sysex or MIDI CC. Additionally, if there was some magic way of having a momentary switch pedal (like an FC5) work in the sustain/volume input control looper functions that would be even better, although it might be awkward. An example workflow could be:

1. Click once while stopped with no phrase to start in record mode
2. Click while playing to stop
3. Hold while stopped to clear
4. Hold while playing to "overdub"

Control Send/Receive Start/Stop Commands
I use my Reface CS as my primary MIDI controller, but unfortunately if I have other devices with sequencers in my signal chain the Looper sends Start/Stop realtime messages messages to those devices if I use the Looper on the CS. I would love to be able to turn this feature on/off, so that I can run the sequencers of each device independently. I tried filtering realtime messages out with a MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV, but unfortunately that filters clock messages out and I LIKE having my CS be the clock master (believe it or not, I love that the tempo is a fader!).

I have no idea what the viability of these features are from a technical perspective, and I might be a fringe user. Thanks for listening!

Please keep up the good work, these synths are absolutely incredible.
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What we REALLY need is a "loop trim" feature. It's awkward to have to reach up and stop the recording, and I often hit the button a beat or two late, thus resulting in a useless loop. It would be simple to add a function to trim back the length of the loop, thus making the looper actually usable.

Sometimes, I'm playing something that I wish to loop, but since I'm using both hands I can't even reach up and stop the recording. Being able to just play for longer than I want the loop to be (and then trimming it back after) would be perfect.

As it stands now, I never use the looper because it is just too cumbersome and frustrating.
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@paul: yeah, that´s my panicmoment too..catching the perfect measure of the loop. i though i could record an perfect 16 beat EMPTY loop, to set the lenght, but that´s unfortunately impossible..
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+1 for both good ideas from Danny and Paul!
It would be nice if the length of the loop could be set before recording (Danny's request), after recording (Paul's request) and during recording (difficult to manage, but it's the current situation).
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I think I would like to see two things for the looper.

1. I would LOVE if there was a way to save loops in soundmondo!!!! it would make it so much more functional live.

2. If a damper pedal could be assigned for starting and stopping both the record function and playback function.
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Moi j'aimerais un looper indépendant pour le reface dx,
Il y aurait deux modes un mode loop comme maintenant et un autre mode loop indépendent comme si on avait une pedale.
On pourrait faire une loop par exemple dark bass et avec dynalead on pourrait faire un solo
Et transposer d'octave la loop si c'est do mi sol grave on pourrait le mettre en aigu.
ça serait cool qui fasse une mise a jour avec ces fonctionnalité:)
Après c'est juste des suggestions.
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Thanks to Lucius for starting this thread. I agree that the midi looper is a really innovative feature in the Reface series and is a very neat tool to have in your belt. It seems like Yamaha is letting Tablets and Computers handle the traditional MIDI composition and are instead trying to focus on dynamic live performance, which is a very interesting avenue to explore.

+1 for both ideas from Danny and Paul:

It would be nice if the length of the loop could be set before recording (Danny's request), after recording (Paul's request) and during recording

I loaned my reface DX to my friend last week and this was the only thing he mentioned being difficult, but apart from that he was blown away.
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