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  3. Monday, 12 September 2016
Hey everyone, I am thinking about buying a synth (i play a PSR S750 and would like to try something new). I like the new mx49, but after checking the user manual, I don't understand one thing - if I save a performance I create, I automatically delete one of the preset ones, right? I mean, there is no dedicated space for user performances, unlike user voices? And if so, is there a possibility to return the preset ones if I wish to? By choosing the factory reset for example? Or can I store them on a usb stick and upload them back later?

Thanks for explaining this to me.
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Dear Tones,
Thanks, that's what I thought. It's just if I ever wanted to have access to a performance I deleted earlier. If they can be restored, then it's fine. That's actually what I like about the PSR, and miss with the MX, that I can use the USB stick as a memory for my own styles and other files. However I am sure, that MX is able to do many things the PSR isn't, so I am looking forward to exploring it...

Thanks again.
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