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  4. Wednesday, 07 June 2017
Hi there.
Can someone please explain how to setup a performance patch with more than 8 parts to be layered or split simultaneously? Because the "Kbd Ctrl" button (The green keyboard icon) is not there from the part 9 onwards.
Thanks in advance.
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If you want to mash down on piano keys and have PARTs 9-16 respond to different regions of keys you press, it's not going to happen.

The primary function for PARTs 9-16 is for external keyboard control. So if you want those PARTs to respond to mashing keys - they have to be keys located on an external keyboard. Maybe another Montage - maybe some other 8-zone controller (RD-2000, Kronos=16 zone, Kurzweil most are 16 zone, etc). Or you can use a computer to play those PARTs through MIDI. Or you can get a programmable MIDI router to translate key ranges and target (route back to Montage) those PARTs 9-16.

Some more info:


If you run out of PARTs - you may be able to re-arrange your existing elements inside PARTs and better "pack" them so you free up PARTs. Most PARTs do not use the 8 elements available so you can "merge" two PARTs under certain conditions.
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Thank you.
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