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  1. Jim
  2. CP4/40
  3. Sunday, 05 March 2017
I find the numbering of Performances very odd and awkward. First off, there's the discrepancy between categories and instances w/in a category. From a positional notation standpoint, I would expect the category to be the left digit or label, and the instance to be the right digit or label. Given 16 categories of instruments, each w/ their own button, I would expect 16 categories A-P, and instances 1-8 w/in them. So I would have 8 choices w/in A (A Piano 1), 8 choices w/in B (A Piano 2), and so on.

Instead, the category is the two digits on the right (01-16), and the instance w/in the category is the label on the left (A-H). What?

If I accept this reversal of convention, there's still the matter that the category values (01-16) don't actually match the physical buttons. Performance category 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 for example are CFX (correct), Rd (wrong), CF (wrong), S6 (wrong), Organ (wrong), Clav (wrong), etc. They also don't match the CP40.

Fixing this (making the categories agree w/ the buttons) involves a 15-squares type puzzle of copying from X02 -> X04 for 15 categories * 8 performances each.

Am I missing something? Why is the firmware image so far off from the final product?
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Hi Jim,

The A01-16 through H01-16 that appear in the CP4 Performance display are only relevant when you're using Performance Direct Select mode. In that mode, the 16 "Voice Category" panel buttons are no longer voice category buttons, they are repurposed as Performance selection buttons, and the voice category names that appear above the buttons are not applicable at all. In that mode, the 16 buttons can simply be thought of as blank buttons numbered #1 through #16. This is what the A01-16 through H01-16 relate to. The CP4 is mapping the 128 onboard Performances to the buttons, in 8 banks (A through H) of 16 Performances each, one per button. So: 8 x 16 = 128. This can be handy for live playing, so you don't have to use the wheel to switch Performances.

This mapping is shown in the second line of the display when you're in Performance Select mode (red Performance light flashing), as follows: on the left, the number of the selected Performance appears, 001-128; next, in parentheses, is the corresponding letter/number combination, from A01-16 through H01-16, for use in Performance Direct Select mode; then comes the assigned name of the Performance. For example:

001 (A01): CFX Grand (<< note that this is not the name of the Voice, it's the name of the Performance)

And so on through the 128 Performances:

002 (A02): [name]
003 (A03): [name]
016 (A16): [name]
017 (B01): [name] (<< notice we're now in "B" bank)
018 (B02): [name]
032 (B16): [name]
033 (C01): [name] (<< notice we're now in "C" bank)
034 (C02): [name]
128 (H16): [name] (<< notice we're now in "H" bank)

If you are selecting Performances using the wheel or the +/- buttons, then you don't really care about the letter/number combination in parentheses. You just select the Performance by number (001-128) and/or name.

In Performance Direct Select mode, though, the letter/number combinations show the corresponding panel button, in 8 banks, A through H, and 16 Performances per bank, 01-16. To enter Performance Direct Select mode, hold down the Shift button and press the Performance (red light) button. The display will now show "Performance Direct Select". The "Voice Category" buttons are now repurposed as banks of 16 Performance select buttons. To switch between the 8 available banks (A through H), hold down Shift and either rotate the dial or press +/-.

There really are no Performance categories, other than whatever groupings of custom Performances you might create for your own convenience. There are Voice categories, of course. But not Performance categories.
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Jim, one additional thought: There's no special magic to the 128 factory-loaded Performances that come with the CP4. That's just a collection of Performance examples that might or might not be of use to any particular player. They are in fairly random order.

Personally, I only found a few of the factory Performances useful, and only after customizing them to my own needs. I deleted the rest of them (although I saved the entire factory set to a USB drive, so I can easily grab one if I want).

Another set of 128 Performances, which includes some very cool ones, was posted online by Bruno Zucchetti, some of which he demo'd in a YouTube video ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bG6eikV9Z0 (See the link to the file in his note. It's free.) I use some of his too, customized for my own purposes, and I also have his full set saved to USB.

I also have a number of Performances I created from scratch. I semi-organized them all, so I could semi-remember where things are. But they're always changing, as I experiment with new things, so the order of Performances is never really set in stone. Because things keep changing around, personally I never use Performance Direct Select, so I never pay any attention to the letter/number combination shown in parentheses in the display.
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