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  4. Thursday, 05 May 2016
Hi all,
is it posible to plug-in an normal PC-keyboard into the Montage via USB?
The Motif XF had this feature. It will be nice to have this feature as a blind user. so I can put in names and so forth.
If not, an App will be great to do that with an iPad or iPhone. Blind users can use the Apple-thing well.
Input will be welcome for this!!
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Bad Mister
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Currently, no, I don't believe that has been implemented on Montage at this time. Every parameter that is addressable via the screen can be reached via front panel buttons, a convenient redundancy for access to parameters and rip unctions.

The use of a ascii keyboard was added to the Motif-series via a later update. I will make inquiries about that feature for Montage. Current situation has a QWERTY keyboard appear on screen, so the addition of a USB keyboard would certainly be useful. Thank you for the inquiry, I will pass this along.
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Hi Bad Mister,
thanks for that. It will help us quite a lot.
All the best from Germany
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Second the motion!

I've found a physical PC keyboard to be very useful when working with my XF.
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USB keyboard does work for some things. I believe you can enter in text - even in the earliest release firmware. In this same firmware, you could not press any key to cancel (like ESC on QWERTY would be great for that). I also believe there was no way to "submit" the change - when entering numbers. And the ENTER key (again QWERTY) would be great for that.

I believe typing in numbers and using backspace work for number entry - and free text works for things like performance names.


The video doesn't show trying to enter in text - but I believe this works fine, you just cannot always use the keyboard to select what you want to edit - so physical buttons have to be used to bring this up - then the keyboard can be used - then the [ENTER] button (or [EXIT]) has to be used to commit the value or cancel.
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