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  1. William
  3. Monday, 30 December 2019
Alright. So I am using the new Pattern sequencer. I bring up Moon Shape as a performance. I record a pattern. All the movements, including the Super Knob are recorded. I then go to Edit job and save my pattern as an ARP. I then go into edit part 1 Arpeggio/ individual and assign the ARP to scene 1 and do the same for part 3 (these were the parts of the recording). When I activate the Arpeggio by pressing any key, it plays - but I get NO movement from the super knob which was successfully recorded and covered as part of the ARP. How do I get the super knob and the other knobs assigned to it, to move as they did in the pattern sequencer recording?
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Bad Mister
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Alright. So I am using the new Pattern sequencer. I bring up Moon Shape as a performance. I record a pattern. All the movements, including the Super Knob are recorded.
You'll discover that Super Knob Automation is not recorded, it leaves no MIDI footprints to be recorded.

Motion Sequences are parameter changes that can be applied to a Part. They are a “modifier”. They mimic turning a parameter up or down... exactly what it changes depends on what is currently sounding. The parameter change is applied to what is sounding. It is automation - and is independent of the destination, you can direct it to one or more parameter destinations (but it is invisible when played alone).
Arpeggios are similar, except can also include note-on events fashioned into phrases that can be sounded from a Part.

The modifier (Motion Seq) does nothing until it is applied to sounding notes. Imagine moving the PB Wheel, with no notes sounding, it is a completely empty gesture. Unless notes are sounding when you apply the controller motion, nothing is heard.

A MIDI Track can record either you playing the Keyboard + manipulating the controllers or it can record the output of the Arpeggiator + the controllers manipulated within the Arp Phrases... it cannot record both at the same time without a great potential for massive conflicts.

I then go to Edit job and save my pattern as an ARP.
PATTERNs cannot be saved as an Arp, per se. A MIDI Track can be converted to an Arp. The Performance you mentioned is already using Arpeggios?

So it is not clear what it is you are attempting to do.

Please see this thread... for a clarification of how to apply a Super Knob Auto movement to sound playing back from the Recorder...
Moon Shape: Motion Sequences leave no MIDI footprints
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Thank you very much for your response.

What I was attempting to do is experiment with the new pattern sequencer and what it can do and how it might change how I create final projects utilizing the Montage.
For example, I saved the performance “Moon Shape” as “Moon ShapeX” and then began recording patterns while moving the parameters (with the Super Knob, etc…). It was great to see that the pattern I created (while linked to the performance) played back all my movements (motion sequences) perfectly. I then wanted to save these patterns and build upon them later to see how I can use them to build a final project.

Also, please note: When I create my own performance from scratch and I record a pattern with the pattern sequencer while moving the super knob, it does remember the super knob movements when I play the pattern back – even if the super knob is not assigned to anything. So it is recording or remembering the motion sequence I played. I can even “record” those motions without playing a single note – meaning I simply move the super knob and then stop. When I press play it will move the super knob exactly the way I moved it – of course without sound. I understand the super knob leaves no “footprint” but the pattern sequencer is remembering the movements – Not sure how that works… So part of what I’m trying to do is save that for later use.

I thought I could then save the pattern as an arp but you explained perfectly why that is not the case.
Again this is all about experimentation for me at this point since I just began to play with the new features in 3.0.

My workflow could look something like this:

1. Record patterns and motion sequences with the pattern sequencer (of course assigning sound and destinations).
2. Place the patterns in the 8 available scenes
3. Or record one continuous pattern with motion and then chain it into the scenes
4. Then possibly convert the pattern into midi and import into a DAW for editing and then export back into Montage as chained scenes
5. And then use sections of that one long midi file to create Arps for future use or just continue to save them as patterns to be used in other performances.
From what you said, it sounds like I can convert the patterns into midi and then use those midi files to create arps.

Anyway, whatever I’m doing I’m having fun with it.

Thank you again for your help.
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