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  1. Pino
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  3. Friday, 30 June 2017
I've a Motif XF.
How can I play a pattern CHAIN when in Master mode?
I've created Masters based on patterns, to use "zones", and I can play (with the arpeggiator) the pattern SECTIONS simply selecting them (A, B, C, ...).
I have also created CHAINs by registering SECTIONs.
Chains can be played in PATTERN mode starting the seq with the "chain" screen selected.
Is it possible to play chains in MASTER mode? If so, how?

Pino, Italy
Upgraded from MOX
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Bad Mister
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A Master program can be linked with a Song or a Pattern.

Pattern Chain is the intermediate step that converts the playback order of your Sections into a linear SONG.
Go to PATTERN Mode
Activate the "Chain"
Press [EDIT]
Press [SF3] SONG
Here you can setup to convert (write out) the entire Pattern Chain as a linear Song.
You can then link that Song with your Master program.

Hope that helps.
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Thank you BadMister for the information.

Using the SONG convertion is the solution, and I hadn’t thought it!
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