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  3. Monday, 11 October 2021
Hi, I own a P-250 that I bought new about 17 years ago. It has worked like a charm ever since I bought it. Now however the piano is not playing any sounds when I touch the keys. It does make sounds when I playback stored songs / demos and when I run MIDI input to it. Apparently something is wrong with the keys. Does anyone have any tips as to what it could be? Or have a copy of the service manual that I could take a look at? I tried finding the service manual online, but I was only able to find the CP-300 and the P-200. And by the looks of things inside the P-255 it sits somewhere in between those two models.

I do have a some of concrete questions regarding the board itself:
Is the keybed removal procedure the same as for the CP-300?
Does the keybed bus board have that electrolytic capacitor that KSN2 circuit board has in P-200?
Is entering the TEST mode / program different than the P-200?

Thank you in advance,
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Bad Mister
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The good news is it does not sound serious. It could just be a loose or undone connection, since the demo songs play.

But do not assume anything from similar models… your best move is to call Yamaha Customer Service… if you can be put in touch with a technician, they can advise you on the best thing to do next. (The support documents are rarely the same). A technician can walk you through the problem.
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