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  4. Monday, 03 June 2019
My MODX shows up as 1.10.0 in firmware.

I downloaded newest firmware that is 110.

Are these the same?

Do I already have current version?

Many thanks for any info.
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Bad Mister
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Yes. Current version is 1.10
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Thank you very much Bad Mister.
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Filenames do not necessarily accurately reflect the firmware version. When you downloaded the firmware, the naming was probably more standard. Go by the name at the download location or look at the readme file for the correct version number.


Shows ...
MODX OS Updater V1.10

... in the "Firmware/Software" section.

The filename is "modx110.zip" - but "110" doesn't reflect the version number exactly. This probably goes back to old conventions where the FAT filesystem had an "8 dot 3" format. Periods were not allowed in the filename except to mark where the extension starts (at the "dot" ). There were maximum 8 alpha-numerics (and some "other" characters like underscore) before the extension, then a dot (period), then maximum 3 alpha-numerics (along with the valid "other" characters) for the extension. So "110" is 1.10 with the used-to-be-invalid-characters removed. Moral is: don't use the filename as your source for the firmware version.

Instead, open up the ZIP and read the README ("v110_Readme_en.txt" ). Doing so, the first line reads:
============ MODX6/MODX7/MODX8 V1.10 Operating System Updater Readme ============


The same README has a section on how to translate what's reported by MODX to the firmware version reported by the website download and the README ("v1.10" ).
How to check the version of your MODX

1. Press the [UTILITY] button to open the Utility display.
2. Touch [Settings] tab -> [System] tab at the left side of the display.
3. The following message appears in the bottom of the display:
MODX Firmware Version : *.**.* (c)2018 Yamaha Corporation
The unit's version is indicated by " MODX Firmware Version : *.**.* "
Only the numbers up to the two decimal places after the first dot are important in reading the version number, you can ignore the numbers after the second dot.
Ex.) 1.02.0 =1.02 , 1.10.0= 1.10

Which basically says MODX reports one extra version number that you "throw out". Like "1.10.X" where ".X" is the last part to "throw out".
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