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  1. Nathan
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Tuesday, 28 June 2016
As (apparently) the FW16e integration isn't going to pan out for me, I am seeking info on how to go about getting my Audio tracks (MotifXF6) into my DAW. I am understanding that there IS an alternative method of doing so - without the FW16e - but with the limitation of only ONE track being able to be recorded in per each pass. I have the manual on my Ipad, and spent a good portion of the very early morning hours within attempts at finding something on the subject. But I did not.
If someone knows of what I speak of, please direct me to where I can gain info on how to go about achieving what I need to know.

Advanced thanks,
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I'm not that much of an expert yet but I'm pretty sure you can send 4 channels of audio out of XF. 2 main outputs and 2 assignable. Not that bad. You can even do a sidechain if you have a 4in sound interface! You need to assign which parts are assigned to which of these two.
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