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  4. Monday, 17 December 2018
I plug the two jack outputs from the MX into a Behringer Xenyx Q1002USB desk which is not noisy with any other instrument. There's a fairly quiet, low pitched mains buzz on that mixer channel only, probably 50Hz (UK). When I plug in the USB to my laptop, into which is also plugged the USB output from my Steinberg UR22II audio interface, there's some hiss and a louder, higher-pitched buzz. Disconnecting the Steinberg or the MX removes the hiss & high hum but not the quieter hum.

Some kind of earth loop? How do I get rid of it? :(
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Bad Mister
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Due to the nature of the problem being electrical (ground related) you should consult authorities in your region of the world. The high-pitched buzz is what USB ground sounds like when a computer is online... listen closely you can hear its pitch change as the computer is asked to do a task. It is the interconnection of devices that causes this zinging noise...

I can highly recommend Sound on Sound Magazine, who often have Q&A sessions on setting up home studios, computers, USB noise, ground hum, and all... Most times the solutions are simple, but sometimes they are a warning of a greater issue. And it pays to do the research to find out which it is!

You can search their archives, I'm sure you will find others with exactly the same issues (do not take 120V/60 cycle advise when dealing with 220V/50Hz, is what I'm saying...) Try this site

Sound on Sound Magazine
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