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  1. Alex
  2. reface
  3. Thursday, 17 October 2019
I was playing on my CS and then the sound hiccuped and disappeared. I tried different combinations and resetted the synth, here are the results:

  • Battery power - everything works fine
  • AC power - headphones output works fine, but the speakers are silent regardless of settings

The sound disappears when I connect AC power and comes back when I disconnect it. Is it faulty wiring?
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I'm not deleting it because it may be useful to somebody.
So I've tried everything including reflashing the firmware. Then I discovered the power outlet was off. Turned it on and now everything's alright.
It's still weird how sound disappeared mid-session but it's back so I don't care.
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  2. reface
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Bad Mister
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No, what is weird is why you thought you were hearing it in headphones when the batteries were dead!
If batteries are truly dead and the AC was not connected nothing should work, no?
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  2. reface
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