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  4. Wednesday, 04 September 2019
Hello, I have instaled the ULTPIANO.X6A.

After doing this, always I have problems with the sound... it directly doesn't sound and leds don't illuminate.

It is the same issue that other users have had, in this thread the third post:


And this other one in another forum:


Is there a solution to install this file?

I formated the keyboard and now it sounds, so the problem is crearly that file. The waveforms installed in the flash memory as I have not formated it, are still there, and they work, so the problem seems to be a voice of the file and not a waveform.

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Bad Mister
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Misery does love company... but as I read the two referenced threads, I see two completely different issues.
In the first one, the poster tried to download the MOTIF XF version of the data, but had an issue logging in. After sorting that out, they found the MOXF version .X6A. They report that all the other content in the Premium Contents Pack loaded and was fine. The ULTPIANO.X6A was not. (Sounds like a corrupted file)

In the other thread referenced, the problem was not necessarily specific to this particular file (although it is the only one mentioned) apparently they had an issue with the audio Outputs. Since the headphone Output and the Main L&R Outputs are fed from the same place (I wonder if they were plugging into the AD INPUTs instead of the Output).

They don’t mention the rest of the content — whether it was working, etc. so we can’t conclude much. They exchanged their unit and never returned so the problem was probably bad Main Outputs... but we cannot eliminate that when they got their new unit they actually took a look at the back panel and realized they were attempting to get signal Out of an Input. (Don’t laugh, it happens... I’ve seen and heard everything... we’ve had stores replace multiple units before someone actually noticed they were plugging into the wrong jacks).

Your issue is different, apparently... you load that file and your unit not only doesn’t sound but the LEDs go out. That’s unique. You initialized your Instrument and I assume the lights returned and normal operation returned.

Based on these set of incomplete clues... Sounds like corrupted data in that file. Let’s see if we can try a few things:

Can you check the WAVEFORM List on your Flash Board?
Are the Waveforms from the ULTPIANO.X6A installed on your Flash Board?
If, yes, try creating a New User Voice pointing to one of those Waveforms... let us know

If the Ultimate Piano Waveforms did not load at all (you can see, I’m asking you for the same information as in the first thread you referenced... but the poster disappeared...) if none of the Waveforms from the piano collection loaded - they would likely be the last ones on the Waveform List....then try the following...

Instead of loading the data as an ALL data File Type, try loading using the TYPE = “voice”
Select the very first Voice in the ULTPIANO.X6A and attempt to load just the very first Voice... let us know.
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Should check vs. the latest download available:


I'm guessing "ULTPIANO" is the ultimate piano pack from the PCP -- not 100% sure.

Clear cache. Maybe use "incognito" or "private" mode to try to force not using a cached version. Then see if the result 100% matches your other X6A. May try a different computer if you suspect viruses or malware.
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First of all, I linked these threads just in case it served to understand what I was talking about... so no, in my case, misery doesn't love company, I would have prefered to find the solution, and not problems of other people.

For better understanding I will put it with points:

1) I have installed the file of the free pack of this link from a different PC (so no cache possible): https://eu.yamahamusicsoft.com/synth/motif-premium-contents-pack-pcp-for-moxf
2) I have formatted the keyboard and the flash memory. Once I installed the file, again, it doesn't sound (none of the voices, performs, or waveforms... I mean, the keyboard doesn't sound with any voice, neither the original ones).
3) I have formatted again the keyboard... the waveforms in the flash memory work (I have not find a list of the waveforms, but I have now 26 waveforms installed), and I can do voices with them.
4) I have instaled the first voice of the file: and it works

Just in case... I have the last firmware update installed.
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Well... I have installed the 32 voices separately (I mean, one by one), and in this way, no problem.

So problem solved, but it is strange that the .x6a file makes my keybord to be silenced.


And now in the waveforms I have 39 waveforms, instead of the 26 of before. Are they all the waveforms?
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Bad Mister
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Finding the corruption is a whole different thing... it could be a bad sector on your USB stick, it could be many different things that could cause it...(usually there is no logic, to it...) loading all 32, one at a time, as you’ve done, may caused you to have some duplicate Waveforms.

I don’t recall the Waveform usage of that particular promotional file.

Now that you have the data in there, I highly recommend creating a new ALL File...

Then if you want to hunt down and get rid of the Duplicates you’ll have a working backup (uncorrupted) as a safety.
Your issue is completely different from the others... every issue is a snowflake!
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Hi there,

I've just faced almost exactly the same issue. After resetting my MOXF6, formatting the flash and loading the "ULTPIANO.X6A" file from the PCP with Type "ALL" option and with System, Waveform and Sample, the keyboard became silent. Not a single voice, neither those in preset nor in user banks produced a sound. I've again reset the MOXF6 and again loaded the file "ULTPIANO.X6A" but this time without System and without Waveform (because samples were already loaded to flash as indicated by space used). Sound was back, preset voiced did sound as well as those of Ultimate Piano Collection in User Bank 2. But I discovered all new Piano sounds were pretty dry resp. without any effect. When I tried to add some reverb with the knob, I got the message "RevPre: No Effect" and I wasn't able to select any type of reverb. In the knob overview the active reverb was shown as "????????" with a RevSend value of 30. When diving into the voice edit mode it said "No Effect" at Rev but at least it was possible to select one. Maybe I'm wrong, but obviously there are issues with effects, either is there a reference for an effect not existing in MOXF or the effect reference itself is corrupted.

Essential I strongly believe something's wrong with the contents (not the file format) of the pack as it's able to screw up the entire MOXF. Possibly the effects section, that would be a pretty central place for shenanigan to effect the entire system.

Any help much appreciated!

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Hmmm, no idea anyone?
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