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  1. Axel
  2. MODX Series Synthesizers
  3. Thursday, 11 October 2018
Hello together,

since yesterday I am a proud owner of a new MODX 6. I am very delighted of the sound quality and the (still undiscovered) capabilities of this sophisticated masterpiece of engineering!

One question: I successfully recorded a piano song with one track, but when I tried to add a track and recorded it as a second one, the first track was replaced and only the latest one was still there.

When I tried to choose "overdub" or "punch in" pressing the record button and touching "Record Type" I only got "replace" to choose from.

Is this an issue or my fault in handling it right?

Best regards
Axel (Germany)
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See this thread:


There are other threads referenced from this one. Hans-Peter has a great summary. There are other clarifications there too.

It's important to realize that the capabilities of the Performance Recorder are less than your DAW and also less than previous generations of Motif with a more "full blown" sequencer.

One thing not available is a "punch in" that allows to change one track at a time without affecting other tracks. All tracks are recorded at once with the Performance recorder or replaced at once with the Performance recorder.
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Thank you Jason,

new day, new luck: I don't know why, but today works fine, what yesterday seems impossible (even after a factory reset). :)

Nevertheless, your hint to read the mentioned thread (a long thread indeed...) was very helpful for me: I got a glimpse, that with the montage there might be some musical paradigm shift because we may have to think in new categories like music-motion-entities ;) . That can mean that we might have to rethink our deeply engraved workflow habits! :o

I understand that creating motion controlled music with the MODX or the MONTAGE needs new approaches, like a combination of midi AND audio recording, where direct multi-channel audio recording from the MODX or the MONTAGE into the DAW becomes more important and necessary than before.

I agree, that this new approach will be right for multi part performances with extensive use of motion control.
But it is also true that the MODX and the MONTAGE still keep the more than thousand voices (now named single performances) inside, which is half of the musical content - and with single voices, IMHO, there is still enough reason to use a well-equipped sequencer integrated in the keyboard.

I think, I pretty well understand what Bad Mister tries to explain everyone who is complaining that there is no longer a sequencer in the MODX or MONTAGE like it was in the MOXF and the whole MOTIF series. For me current solution is ok even if I would appreciate a little more capable sequencer for my track by track keyboard sketch-composing.

So, why not leaving the freedom to the customer to decide which workflow fits best for his individual needs and give him something similar what he appreciated in the MOTIF series?!

But independently from this question it is no question, that the MODX and the MONTAGE are fantastic instruments which spend a lot of joy and will definitely boost the creativity of many musicians out there! And as much as I appreciate the work of the Yamaha engineers who created this gems I also appreciated your work in this very forum where you and Bad Mister and others don't get tired to answer all questions in a kind and knowledgeable way. Since months (since my purchase of the MOXF which I now exchanged with the MODX) I had a lot of fun and a lot of help and insight reading your articles: Thank you for that!

Keep on going!

Best regards
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