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  1. Giovanni
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  3. Thursday, 24 August 2017
Hi, today is a great day! My Yamaha Montage 8, now is here! Its sound is great, very good.

My Synth, brand new, does not have advertising stickers. Are there special reasons?

From now on, new music!

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Bad Mister
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The "stickers" are usually placed on instrument's when displayed in stores, at trade shows, etc... this can vary from market to market, globally. Each Yamaha office might request that stickers be placed on units at the factory, others supply them to the dealers (stores) who can put them on their display models. It helps guide some one who encounters the Montage briefly, like in a short visit to a store or at a Synth event, and is vital if/when there are no keyboard players working in the music store... the customer gets a basic guided tour of the front panel.

You don't need them... you have your Owner's Manual... be sure you download the Reference Manual, the Synthesizer Parameter Manual, the Data List Booklet and the Supplemental Manual (new feature) ... a link can be found on your regional Yamaha.com Montage Product Support page.
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Thank's! ;)
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