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  4. Thursday, 22 February 2018
I'm new to Montage and a bit overwhelmed with creating my own sounds. I am looking to build a realistic "thunder" performance and wondering if anyone has any advice? I checked with Yamaha Support and they had me alter a "Gunshot" performance. It's OK but looking for something more realistic. Appreciate any assistance.
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Bad Mister
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Have you worked with MONTAGE CONNECT yet?
Here is a THUNDER sound, using the "Thunder" Waveform found among the 6,347 Waveforms in the MONTAGE.

MONTAGE CONNECT will allow you to open the attached file Thunder.X7B and bulk it to the edit buffer of your MONTAGE. You can then play it, edit it, improve it and then STORE it to your USER Bank...

The attachment is zipped, so you will need to unzip it on your computer, then open it with MONTAGE CONNECT.

Hope this helps
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Great advice. I have not worked with montage connect but will check it out! Many thanks!
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