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  1. John
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  4. Friday, 12 August 2016
My brand new Yamaha Montage 7 arrived at my door yesterday. Like kid with a new toy, I spent the rest of the day marveling over the quality features and sound. My question is...after setting up a bass part on the left side (a split) how do I raise or lower the octave of just that part without affecting the parts on the right side.

Thank You
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Bad Mister
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The parameter you are looking for is a PART parameter.
Press [EDIT]
Press [PART SELECT x] where X is the bass Part
Press the lower [COMMON] button, or the touch the "Common" in the lower left corner of the screen
Touch "Part Settings" > "General"
Find "Note Shift" 12 steps is an octave.

Make sure you download the PDF Reference Manual from the Official Yamaha download site http://download.yamaha.com
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Thank's B Mister
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