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  1. Joseph
  2. S70/90XS
  3. Saturday, 01 August 2015
I'm a professional composer looking for a weighted-key synth that's 1) a pleasure to play for someone trained on piano, but 2) also has many synth sounds and capabilities. One feature I absolutely require is to be able to get out of equal temperament when I want to --- for example, to be able to play in just intonation, or in Mideastern or Indian modes, ragas, maqams, etc.(This can be done either by means of pre-programmed modes, and/or by simply changing the cents of the intervals manually... ideal is to have both). I've been considering the S90 XS, but no one's been able to tell me whether it has that feature (as did the old Korg M-1, for example, though in that feature it was rather crudely programmed). Can anyone tell me whether the S90 (or other weighted-key synths) enables the user to get beyond equal temperament? Many thanks in advance for your help and suggestions ... oh yes, another thing, though not as major: ideally, I'd like to have an instrument that somehow combines weighted keys with typical synth key-sensitivity, though I've never yet encountered such a creature.
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Just the info I needed --- much better than my old Korg --- sounds like the instrument for me! Thanks a lot, Good Mister!:D
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Bad Mister
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Welcome to Yamaha Synth... we moved your post to the S90 XS/S70 XS as this is more appropriate to your subject.

I've been considering the S90 XS, but no one's been able to tell me whether it has that feature
The S90 XS/S70 XS havae thirteen MicroTuning presets. It defaults to Equal Temperament - These are select-able on a per VOICE basis.

You also can create 8 tuning of your own. In the USER MicroTuning you can tune each semi-tone in an octave (C-B) up or down 99 cents. This editing can be done on the instrument itself or via the Free S90XS/S70XS Editor.

Your USER MicroTuning are also select-able on a per VOICE basis.

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