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  1. Kalin
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Hey guys,

This has been bugging me for a few weeks now, but I did not have enough facts to share until recently. It was in the topic below where Mr. Bad Mister stated that MOXF Line output should be considered +4dBu and that was kinda confusing for me:

My general understanding is that unbalanced (TS) Line level connections are -10dBV and balanced (TRS) Line level connections are +4dBu. MOXF provides unbalanced connections only, so it should be -10...
It was only recently that I got my new Steinberg UR44 interface (yeah, I am Yamaha-Steinberg fanboy, don't mind me) that has switchable (-10/+4) Line inputs I could try and check what will be the correct setting.
By default UR44 comes with Line In set for -10dBV and MOXF was sounding OK. Monitoring in Cubase, MOXF with the output slider all the way up was coming a bit hot and very hard hitting performances (these that hit 3 yellow lights on MOXF meter) were occasionally hitting 0dB in Cubase. Setting the MOXF output slider two bars down fixed that and the input in Cubase was not going past -6dB, which I consider healthy (for a hard hitting mix).
Switching the UR44 inputs to +4dBu (UR44 expecting a stronger signal) resulted in very low levels in Cubase, not going past -20dB with MOXF slider all the way up on very hard hitting performances.

So, in my experience, while MOXF Line outputs may come a bit hot for -10dBV occasionally, it is definitely not a +4dBu signal that's going out of it.

Any comments about your experience are welcome.
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Bad Mister
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Your low levels are likely due to conservative volume settings of the Voice. Learn how to get significantly better record levels from your MOXF here
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