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  3. Tuesday, 05 June 2018
I'm trying to get my Sonar X3 (Windows based) software to send patch changes to my MX88. I've searched and searched online but found no help.
I did download the MIDI data list but can't figure out how or where to enter it in Sonar. I tried the event list and tried creating a "Performance" and just sending the patch number to a channel already assigned to that "category" but nothing happened.
Thanks in advance.
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Bad Mister
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What does Sonar X3 expect when looking for Bank Select and Program Change? We can meet you half way with how to decipher the coded messages necessary. Each DAW software has their own method of entering this important data.

Some like Cubase make you enter the MSB (cc0) with a value, then the LSB (cc32) with a value, followed by a Program Change. Others have just a single BANK number, and you need to do a little math to figure out the number... take the MSB number multiply it by 128, then add the LSB number to arrive at a single Bank number.

No one method is better or worse but you need to find out what and where you need to enter this information into the program.

On the MX88 side of things every Voice has a MSB/LSB and PC number that allows you to recall it.
Also every Performance has a MSB/LSB and PC number that allows you to recall it.

What this means is... a Voice is the equivalent of an individual instrument, call it a single musician.
A Performance is the equivalent of an entire suite of instruments, call it a band or ensemble. 16 players.

Each of the Bank Select and Program Change messages must be sent on a specific MIDI Channel to affect the change. With these two types of messages you can change an individual musical instrument within an ensemble or you can change the entire band... as you may require.

In Sonar's documentation look up "Bank Select", or "Program Change", find out what protocol your DAW uses. Let us know. And provide us an example of what you would like to recall.
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