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  1. Jon L.
  2. MX
  3. Saturday, 23 May 2020
I love the feel, but even with the velocity curve set to soft, I have to beat this thing mercilessly to get a MIDI velocity values over 100. which makes it very hard to play some virtual instruments. Way too hard for my aging fingers. This is via USB. I haven't tried the actual MIDI port though that's next.
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Bad Mister
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We moved your post to the MX FORUM, as it didn’t belong in with the MONTAGE.

The MIDI velocity generated via the USB-MIDI stream will be identical to the velocity sent via the 5-pin MIDI stream. Exactly.

You can, more than likely, adjust the response of the virtual instrument. In fact, that is definitely where you want to look. Of course, it will depend on the virtual instrument you are triggering. If it’s a freebie, don’t expect much (you usually get what you pay for on freebies), but expect to be able to adjust the receiving device to the velocity you are sending.

Most virtual instruments tone generators that respond to velocity will have a way to adjust their response to incoming MIDI.
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  2. MX
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Thanks. i know there are ways to ameliorate the effect, so I'm assuming there's no firmware upgrade or driver cure to be had. I love this thing for its keyboard, but there should be a super soft velocity curve. Or one that's actually soft.
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