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  3. Monday, 02 October 2017

I just purchased an MX88 and I also use Logic Pro X. I successfully installed the driver and everything needed to make the Audio/MIDI work via USB. My problem is that when I press record, it seems like Logic is sending back random MIDI data that sets off some notes on the MX88. I have Local Control Off and it doesn't matter if I have the DAW Remote on or off. If I have the ARP on then it triggers an arpeggio in the MX, and if it's off, it'll just hit a few random notes. It's just strange in that it only happens when I hit the record button. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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Bad Mister
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MIDI Ports are improperly set.

Music data is sent on Yamaha MX88-1 Port 1
Remote Control messages should be isolated on Port 2
External MIDI device can use Port 3
Port 4 is not used
Port 5 is for controlling external softsynths.

When you are getting unwanted notes or button triggering sounds or keys opening windows of your software... things like that, it typically simply a matter of activating too many ports when only one need be selected for the appropriate function.
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