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  1. Iván
  2. MX Series Synthesizers
  3. Monday, 08 July 2019
Hi there! I've just purchased an used MX49 v1 (2012), everything works just fine except all the effects: reverb, chorus, tremolo, amp sim, wah, etc. Every patch that has at least one of those effects activated, it doesn't sound at all until I turn that effect OFF. And when I navigate through all the effects, sometimes it sounds a noisy CLICK sound between them. Can it be repaired?
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So I did a little research and I discovered how to make it run on "TEST" mode (pressing C#1, F1 and G#1 before powering on). I did the test on: ROM, RAM, WAVE ROM, Tone Generator, etc. everything was OK, except the EFFECT RAM and EFFECT RAM 2 which gave me "NG" (opposite of OK). So I suppose that my Effects RAM failed :'(
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Have you tried a factory reset? Under [UTILITY]/Job option 3 is Factory Reset. Try that first and if it still isn't working they you will need it serviced.
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