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  1. michael
  2. MX Series Synthesizers
  3. Monday, 09 April 2018
Hope you are doing well
I have a Yamaha MX49 that i purchased brand new about a year ago and I experienced volume issues
from the MX49 as soon as I got it home unboxed and plugged in. When adjusting the volume knob it would
produce a crackling sound and then either decrease in volume or not stay at the same volume level no matter
how far left or right the volume knob was positioned. I run the MX49 through a mixer and that is how i was able
to control the volume. Yesterday when I powered on the MX49 from the first touch of the key on the keyboard
the volume faded out within several seconds and never came back. I unplugged the 1/4" cable from the left input
and plugged it back in pressed a key and the volume was really quite and faded out within about 3 seconds. I
moved the 1/4" cable from the let input to the right in put and the same thing happened but it was slightly louder but
still faded out in about 3 seconds. I then moved the 1/4" cable from the right input to the headphones. It was louder
but again faded out within 3 seconds. I moved the 1/4" cable back to the left input and pressed a key again only for
the MX49 to produce no sound at all.
I have tried switching cables an cords and mixer channels and the lack of sound from the MX49 is still and issue.
I plug in different equipment with the same cables and mixer channels i used for the MX49 and I have full sound but
nothing from the MX49.

Any input on this situation that anybody can offer is much appreciated and if there is any more info you need from me
help you understand my situation please let me know

Thank You
Enjoy Your Day!
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