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  1. renato
  2. MX Series Synthesizers
  3. Friday, 30 June 2017
Hi to all
I'm a new MX49 happy user.
I actually use Vycro to edit and create my favourite Performances.
Recently I've created a Layer with combination of "DX piano" and "pad" and I set MIDI channel, for both sound, midi channel # 1.
But when I use as master keyboard my Nord Electro 4 to pilotate MX Layer, I can hear only the first sound of layer (DX piano in this case). But both voices are set on cannel 1!! In wich way can I set MIDI MX options to be able to hear my complete layer (piano&pad) with NE4? On Yamaha MX49 works all fine!!
Tanks a lot
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Bad Mister
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You should retry sending the Performance from the VycroMX Editor... then STORE the Performance in your MX49.

You should be able to play all Parts you place on MIDI Channel 1 when you transmit In on channel 1.

Your instrument is behaving as if the MIDI Channel was not set in the Editor (plays correctly from MX keys because you can layer two Parts normally)...
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Thanks... Seems to be ok Your suggest! Works fine

Thanks a lot
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