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  4. Saturday, 04 August 2018
[*] Can I record multiple tracks, simultaneously when in pattern mode? Either with, or without split keyboard?
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Bad Mister
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Short answer is: No.

When in Pattern Mode, generally, you Record one-track-at-a-time... in sequence... one after the other. The Keyboard of the MOXF Transmits on one MIDI Channel at a time.

That said, when you go to Performance Mode, Yamaha has created a way to play as many as four Parts (which can be split and or layered on the keyboard as you desire) and even though you are still transmitting on one MIDI channel... DIRECT PERFORMANCE RECORD allows you to direct the data to one of the two Sequencer Modes, Song or Pattern.

documents the notes you play while in Performance Mode
Splits that data so it is recorded across four Tracks to the target Song or Pattern
It then copies the four Parts you used to four Parts of a Song/Pattern MIXING setup, setting each one to a different MIDI CHANNEL.
Upon completion of recording... It then switches to that mode
It then reunites the MIDI data with the PART. Because it copies your Note Ranges and Velocity Ranges and Effects etc., etc., your one channel Performance gets split to four separate tracks feeding four separate Parts, on four separate channel!

Direct Performance Record see page 36 of the MOXF Owner's Manual "Recording in the Performance mode".
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