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  1. Tony
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Monday, 03 September 2018
No sound coming out of MOXF8 even after FACTORY RESET
So, I tried to restore the original Factory setting by doing:
(waited for FACTORY RESET Display)

Please help.
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Hi This is me again.
Further troubleshooting, using the Stereo Headphones outputs ...

I can NOW hear the sounds coming out of the MOXF8.

So anyone knows how to re-enable the output from the regular output jacks L/Mono and R outputs?
Bad Mister
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Good News/Bad News

The news is the Headphone Output is exactly the same as the Main (Analog) Outputs. Always.
The good news is your MOXF is working just fine.
The bad news is something you have post the Main MOXF Outputs is not functioning.

_ Physically check the connections to the Outputs (don’t laugh, many people plug into the A/D Inputs instead of the Main Outputs) It happens.
_ Check your cables
_ Check your mixer or speakers.
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I have the same issue with one big difference. I hear everything fine out of my headphones on the keyboard but not the left and right outputs through my mixer. The sound difference is big.... piano sounds thin, garbled and has a ring out to it. I have the same headphones plugged into my mixer. The mixer is a brand new Mackie ProFx10V3. At first I thought it was the cables so I tried a different pair but to no avail. I then tried all the channels to see if it was a channel acting up on the new mixer. The sound was the same in all. I was about to send he new mixer back when I thought I should do one more test. I hooked my Nord Stage 3 into the mixer. The sound through the headphones on the Nord was identical to the sound from the headphones coming from the mixer. So it is not the mixer. Any ideas? I am thinking about a factory reset and looking for new software updates.

In advance, thanks for any help you may have.

Bad Mister
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_ Physically check the connections to the Outputs (don’t laugh, many people plug into the A/D Inputs instead of the Main Outputs) It happens.
_ Check your cables

I know, I know, you changed the cables, but until you tell us something about the cables, we cannot remove it from the ‘checklist’.
They should be standard TS cables, unbalanced, less than 20ft. (Unbalanced TS cables longer than 25ft become radio antennae)

And physically look at the jacks you are plugged into... I know it sounds crazy, but doing this for 30+ years — if I had a nickel for every time some one had one cable in an input and the other in an output, or are plugged in what they *thought* were the outputs, ...I’d have a lot of nickels!!!
Takes two seconds to walk around the keyboard and look directly at it.

Remove all other connected devices from the MOXF (USB and/or MIDI cables) while testing. You can reconnect them later. USB ground hum is different from the standard 60 cycle hum (50 if your in Europe)... it sounds like a high pitched thin garbled zinging noise. Disconnecting external devices can remove the possibility.

Make sure the MIC/LINE setting is set to LINE.

If you have an FL512M or FL1024M (or other) expansion board installed - Power down, unplug the instrument and then temporarily remove it.

Let us know.
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Thanks for your response. I plugged the MOXF back in and got the same distortion on the sound. I then did a factory reset. That worked. The sound in the mixer is identical from what is coming out of the headphones. Don't know what would cause that and quite frankly, had I not bought the new mixer and been testing things I would have never figured it out. When using the board out at gigs I most likely would have blamed the sound guy or the venue for bad sound when it fact it was the keyboard acting up. I try and be good to sound guys. It is a thankless job and good ones really make for a wonderful experience. When I get a bad one with an attitude I have no problems letting them know. This is a perfect set up for me to have made a total ass out of myself (which I have been known to do). I am glad I figured it out first.
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